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Linear Labs is using AI to change the way you do marketing.

By selecting your target audience can build a Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs) which allow you to test your marketing strategy prior to launch. Using VFGs saves you both time and money - no longer have to guess why your ads soared or sunk.

The Problem

Your Audience

Does CTR tell you why your customers clicked on the add?
Are your insights telling you what leads to your conversions?

The heroes of digital marketing need descriptive and prescriptive analytics to give them the advantage, and when it comes to beating out your competition you need fast results. Unfortunately, current social media analytics can't provide you with the insights you need to really drive conversions. You shouldn't have to be a professional data scientist to understand what works and what doesn't.

The Solution

- Accurate Reporting
- Deeper Insights
- More Conversions

You're no longer restricted to spending your time and money recruiting a focus group.

We want you to focus on what's important, telling the world about your product. Our AI platform handles all of the troubles of A/B testing, finding the focus group participants and data analysis. By allowing our platform to build your VFG, you can begin to better understand how to engage your audience.

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Phone: +1.216.586.4517
Email: ttroxell@socialanalytica.com
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