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The Disruptors

Social Analytica is using artificial intelligence to change the way you do marketing.

We allow you to select demographic indicators so you can build a virtual focus group allowing you to test your marketing stategy prior to launch. This way you no longer have to guess at why your marketing campaign saored or sunk.

The Problem

Your Audience

Does CTR tell you why your customers clicked on the add?
Are your insights telling you what leads to your conversions?

Focus groups and surveys take time and aren't always reliable.
In the competive landscape the heros of digital marketing need descriptive and prescriptive analytics to give them the advantage. You need fast results to optimize your ability to produce the winning strategy.
Unfortunately, current social media analytics can't provide you with the insights you need to really drive conversions.

The Solution

Accurate Reporting | Deeper Insights | More Conversions

Social Analytica allows you to gain faster insights than any other platform.
No longer are you restricted to spending your time and money recruiting a focus group.

We want you to focus on what's important, spreading the word about your product.
A.D.A. (commonly refered to as Ada) is our AI platform that will handle all of the troubles of recruiting demographics in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.
By allowing our AI platform to build the target demographic you're' marketing towards you can quickly test new, old and current marketing strategies and get real-time suggestions on ways to improve your campaign.
Better yet, if there's something you forget to test with that focus group all you need to do is login and select the focus group model.

Live Demo

We provide a prebuilt model that allow you to see how effective tweets can be on audiences.

Enter a Hashtag to search:

We've tied Twitter in as our source for data. When you eneter a hashtag we'll search Twitter for the top results. Once we get the results we'll see what Ada thinks about how demographic is represented.
Hit enter and review the results.

General Purpose

The first is our general purpose model.
It's kin of like the median American.
This model typically generalizes opinions.
If a tweet better resonates with a demographic, this one is likely close behind.

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All of this cool technology sounds interesting, right? Shoot us an email and engage our team. Find out how Social Analytica can hellp improve your company's social impact, ROI and conversion rates.

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